Glyn’s River Eden Report for May 2018 – Grinsdale & Beaumont Beats

May1 2018

May2018River Eden May 2018.

This is the link for the tides, the time it says is the time the water begins to rise in the river, please be observant and stay safe –

This is the link for the water levels above Carlisle, .6m is summer low, 1.2m is the fly fishing limit for the upper beat and .9m for the lower beat –

It was a cool end of April and beginning of May with air temperatures hardly reaching 9oC. The hatches were of large dark and grannom with some large stonefly, but not much action on the surface except for the multitude of smolts dropping down the river – see link about predation –

May 4th during the afternoon the wind direction changed slightly bringing warmer air to the county. The river suddenly woke up with some very nice trout showing themselves along with a few salmon, it is amazing what the air temperature can do!
A majority of the salmon we have seen show have been of grilse size, a little unusual for this time of year.
Matt Forsyth got one off the tide of eight pounds on the fly during late afternoon and also lost another that day!

6th and 7th, very bright and very hot day, activity ceased after mid morning.

For those who have not heard the latest on the E.A proposed bylaws for this year.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Proposed National Salmon and Sea Trout protection Byelaws

I am writing to all owners, managers and representatives of fisheries on rivers where our proposed byelaws would have required anglers to release all salmon from 16 June 2018.

These proposed byelaws will not now be confirmed before 16 June 2018. Anglers fishing these rivers will not be subject to further restrictions on taking salmon this season. Existing byelaws or local agreements and codes of practice will continue to apply. The lists of the rivers that would have been affected by these byelaws can be found here:

We will be informing anglers directly, principally through our electronic fisheries newsletter later this month. However, I would be most grateful if you could pass this information onto the anglers who fish the waters that you manage or represent.

I recognise the uncertainty the proposed byelaws have caused, and I am sorry that we have not been able to confirm sooner how the byelaws would affect these rivers in 2018. We intend to seek government confirmation and implement the byelaws for the 2019 fishing season.

If you objected to the advertised byelaws, we will be responding shortly.

Yours faithfully

Heidi Stone
Salmon Programme Manager
Phone: 03708 506 506

They then go on to say this week 24th –

Please receive the following announcement – this is essentially the EA`s original Consultation proposals for the 10 year forward Time Limited Order & Byelaws, without it appears any consideration of Objections . Highlights being :-

Solway Haaf & Heave Nets – max 75 nets – All Salmon to be returned – max fishery quota of 420 sea trout shared between licensees – daily closure revised to hours of midnight to 6.00am – weekend closure removed

Eden Byelaws – All Salmon to be returned – max angler season limit of 2 sea trout

Border Esk Byelaws – All Salmon to be returned – max angler season limit of 4 sea trout

REDFA will be considering its response to this announcement and advise accordingly.

It all makes little sense, giving the Haaf nets more fishing time for salmon that they cannot keep, work that reasoning out if you can! So at this time until REDFA get a response from the E.A and change this shambles from the E.A yet again, it is all catch and release for salmon and two sea trout per season.

8th, Tyneside angler Kevin Smith lost a good fish at Beaumont on the Willow Bed in the morning.

10th, a good day on the water for brown trout, grayling and some sea trout now appearing, light warm wind, had some good sport with all on the dry. Level now at summer low.
Yellow Sally stonefly starting now, the grannom are petering out and still large darks and uprights on the go.

11th, a very cold and biting south-east wind, no trout activity and just the odd salmon showing.

12th, a warm day with plenty of trout activity. Brian Warrington lost a very fresh salmon at 8am after a twenty odd minute fight at around 25 pounds, it shows that there are fish coming in all the time even if they are not being seen.

13th, very bright conditions suppressing surface activity for trout although good hatches of olive upright and large dark. A few salmon travelling through and a couple of bigger sea trout. Water summer low and 12oC, south west wind at 16oC.

15th, with an overcast sky the fishing was very good for trout, sea trout up to two pound and big grayling.

16th, 17th and 18th, east wind (again) very bright conditions, hardly a fish to be seen although good hatches, fishing early and late in the day now the order of the day. Big tides have peaked and now subsiding each day.

19th, some fish about, with the low water they are running through. Sea trout numbers are building.

26th, a decent run of fish off the morning tide today. Very low water (which is good for our beats) but with the very bright and cloudless sky and a persistent east wind, unless anglers are down on the water very early or very late it is difficult with fish being easily spooked. We need cloud cover and a westerly to get things moving now for everything. Hawthorn blossom just out now, a little late just like the salmon are this year!

27th/28th, east wind still on the go, very bright and air at 25oC, no hatches of anything right now, daytime fishing is slow with the conditions.
Got some help from Matt to move the offending branch (see pics) that was lodged in the top of the Quarry pool, it was in the way of a cast that is needed to cover a couple of the deeper holes that the fish lie up in amongst the ledges near the far bank. There are some very interesting channels and holes there all the way down the pool to explore. The ridge of rock at Carr Head is around five feet deep at low water, no wonder it holds good numbers of sea trout and salmon (some which have been hooked and lost recently just on dark).
To sum up, there are salmon in the pools and there are fish coming in, they are catching fish above us with sea lice. We are seeing fish travel early and late in the day with the bright conditions. Above Carlisle now the water is getting very low, this is our time to fish, a few cloudy days should see some action with salmon numbers building up.
Salmon fishing everywhere in the UK has been unreliable this spring, it is not just the Eden, let us see how this pans out through June.

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