Glyn’s River Eden Report for July 2018 – Grinsdale & Beaumont Beats

May2018River Eden 2018.

This is the link for the tides, the time it says is the time the water begins to rise in the river, please be observant and stay safe –

This is the link for the water levels above Carlisle, .6m is summer low, 1.2m is the fly fishing limit for the upper beat and .9m for the lower beat –

River Eden, July 2018.

The Dry and hot weather pattern continues making the water temperature on the high side, (70oF+) from which the fish just switch off. Saying that, Malcolm Metcalf lost a good sea trout on Carr Head on the 5th and missed a few also. There are certainly sea trout in the beats and still worth the time to go out in the evening.
On the 6th at Beaumont, during the morning we did not see a fish, then around lunchtime several salmon started to show in Underwoods and above the gravel bar, the tide was at 7am that morning. The trout fishing is difficult during the bright conditions and warm water in the daytime.
From the 8th, clumps of algae making swinging a fly without picking up strands almost impossible. We are seeing fish everyday but with the high water temperature and algae….
12th, seeing a few salmon showing in the pools, a couple of sea trout being caught at night, big tides this week.
13th, managed a fresh seven pound salmon on a size 14 prince nymph in the Quarry pool just before the tide hit, was fishing for sea trout with a five weight outfit and four pound tippet, Friday 13th!
16th, there were a fair few salmon showing on the lower beat, some 20lb plus, also grilse have started to arrive.
20th, the loose algae has now ceased with the water temperature dropping to 65oF, very low water now.
27th, a very hot day. Peter Robinson had a nice sea trout from the Quarry in the evening, a lot of fish showing in the pool, (rain on the way).
28th, many salmon coming in off the tide, water now on the rise from rain last night.
29th, a slow and steady rise of water, blustery and cold day, fish are now heading upstream from the lower sections of the river.
It has been to say the least a very frustrating season so far with the weather and water conditions. Hopefully this downpour will give some well needed water in the river and sort things out for good fishing in August.

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