Capesthorne Estate, waters 244/5/6/7 – Various Summer Announcements

Please remember, although we have exclusive rights for fishing at the Capesthorne Estate, a number of different activities take place around the estate. Including, at this time of year weddings and visits by prospective corporate clients. With this in mind members must remain respectfully clothed at all times whilst on the Estate. The removal of upper garments etc to ‘sunbathe’ is not acceptable.  Not only is this in deference to other users but there are significant health risks associated with exposure to the sun.

Plus, once again this year All Saints Church will be hosting the annual Redesmere Fete on Saturday 27th July. The fete opens with the Water Lily Queen travelling across Redesmere, water 244, at one time covered by water lilies. The Queen is then crowned by the King of Redesmere on the lake shore. Consequently, all swims on Redesmere Lane and the meadow adjacent to the lane will be closed for the day. Please fish another part of the lake.

Also, Redesmere Sailing Club will be hosting a Sea Scouts Summer Camp from 4th to 7th August 2019. There will be some disruption to fishing during night time kayaking events.