Barn Owl Project

Barn Owl Project

The next time your at Ossmere you may see a ghostly shimmer dropping across the field by ossmere cottages, Don’t worry,  your not seeing things…

We have worked alongside the landowners and the Broxton Barn owl group to position two barn owl nest boxes at either end of the water. Although i suspect nothing will occupy them this year I am hoping that next year we may be lucky enough to be the landlords of a brood of barn owl chicks, or maybe even a family of kestrels.

The Barn Owl group monitor the boxes and ring any chicks and advise the British trust for ornithology of any births.

I spoke to Bernard Wright M.B.E of the owl group and he told me that a survey was carried out in Cheshire some years ago and at the time,  there were only two nesting pairs of barn owls to be found,  we now have a population of over 750 birds which is largely down to the work carried out by this group of volunteers.

Hopefully this contribution will help to enhance their program and have the added benefit of giving us something interesting to look at while we try to catch fish

more information on the barn owl group can be found,  HERE

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