Glyn’s River Eden Report for October 2018 – Grinsdale & Beaumont Beats


Dear All

Newsletter Beaumont/Grinsdale report January 2019.

For the first time in many years, the water levels at the start of the salmon fishing season are on the low side and very fishable. The water is very clear and at 4oC, we have not seen many kelts apart from a few remains from otters, or fresh fish yet on the beats although there are signs of kelts upstream beginning to show in some of the pools. It is usual to see new fish start coming in during the month of February, with numbers rising rapidly throughout March as the water warms a little to around 8oC.

The beats are looking good, no change for the upper beat (pic 6) but there has been quite some change in pool structures on the lower beat.

Below the car park at Beaumont where it was possible to wade out onto the gravel bar, is now a full stream where the fish will have to run through, then from there all upstream on our bank is a deep run that goes right up to the pipe (pic 1).

If you are fishing there, it is possible and a good looking as yet unexplored run, but be careful if fishing from the unstable bank, please wear a life jacket just in case (pic 2/3).

The majority of the Willow Bed is unchanged and has always been a very reliable pool, where the log that lays across the stream is (a very good taking place (pic 4), be extra careful walking the bank down past the slack deep back water, much safer to go up the bank and around. Above the pool as it rounds the gravel corner is also now a deep run tight into our bank, again which the fish have to travel through. This can be fished effectively from the top of that run off the bank where the fence ends quite safely (pic 5). Under the wires there has been no change, a bit of a tight walk along the top of the bank further up along the fence line due to a little erosion and that is why I am leaving the trees in the bank to help slow that down if you were wondering why they have not been pruned.

Cargo fishery on the opposite bank to ours, was the most productive beat last season on the Eden, yet we have the best side for fishing. With the hot weather and low conditions which suit the lower beats, along with the new Environment Agency bylaws, unfortunately last season many anglers stayed away from the river. The fish were hanging around in good numbers waiting for a rise of water to run on both the lower and upper beats.

Tight Lines Glyn

If members would like to have an extra day or two fishing free of charge during the season please call/text me for availability – 07808563788.


Please let me know details when you catch salmon and sea trout so I can put them on the site –
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Some useful links –

Water levels for us –  Below 1m on lower beat and up to 1.2 on the upper beat are ideal fly fishing heights.


Tide times, (the time stated is the actual time the tide is in) –


We hope that you all have a successful season and stay safe!