Glyn’s River Eden Report for October 2018 – Grinsdale & Beaumont Beats

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This is the link for the tides, the time it says is the time the water begins to rise in the river, please be observant and stay safe –

This is the link for the water levels above Carlisle, .6m is summer low, 1.2m is the fly fishing limit for the upper beat and .9m for the lower beat –

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Dear All,

River Eden report October 2018.

October 4th, David Airey 8 lbs and Gary Ainscough 6lbs from the Quarry pool.

12th, Matt Forsyth a 9 pound fish from the Quarry on a Francis. Big tides in the afternoon this week.

Storm Callum came in and brought heavy rain and wind putting fourteen feet of extra water on the river level on the 13th putting an end to the Eden salmon season.

It has certainly been an unusual and very challenging season due to the extreme weather pattern the UK has had this year. A very cold winter like spring, with temperatures barely climbing over 4oC until the end of April, then straight into almost tropical and drought like conditions for the whole of summer.

There were a lot of fish about in the beats for many months in the low water, also big numbers of salmon in the estuary waiting to enter the river when conditions became more favourable. For those who fished at the right time of day early and late when the light dropped and water temperatures cooled a little, there were rewards, many stayed away while the low water conditions continued.

Grinsdale and Beaumont are low water beats as are most lower river sections and really do come into their own in that state. All beats above Carlisle were barren of fish for quite a while through the summer until the rains came.

It was common to hear anglers say that there were no signs of any salmon showing on many occasions when they visited during the day and therefore there cannot be any fish in the river, how wrong that statement was so many times.

Cargo anglers on the opposite bank have done very well on the Beaumont beat, especially on the Willow Bed pool by the log, a result that could have been emulated if there had been more rods out on our side unfortunately. I think with the advent of the catch and release bylaw brought or steam rolled in (for no understandable reason only known to the EA) also has kept many anglers away. There was a meeting on the 15th with the EA and REDFA about this subject about trying to get it reversed.

Matt had a good look around in the Quarry pool while the water was on the low side, it was quite a revelation to see the underwater structure there. Along the ledge on the far bank were many deep holes that the fast water runs into at the top of the pool which hold fish, all along the ledge is the same until it drops away and breaks up near the bridge. The Carr Head above is surprisingly deep off the ledge that goes into the tail of the pool, one of the reasons that the sea trout and salmon like to lie there. Also fished this season was under the power lines that split the beats, Both Peter and Matt had some good fishing there when the water was at just over a foot.

Underwoods is a great pool for resident fish at low water where the rock shelf drops away into deep water. There has been a lot of change at Beaumont this year and worth exploring around where the tree is in the water. Fishing with lighter outfits and smaller flies is the key when the water is thin.

The trout and grayling fishing was not that exceptional this year due to the high water temperatures but okay, it was good in the evenings along with the sea trout when conditions dictated.

What will next season bring? Well we can rely on the spring run from March to end of May, the summer run from June to August and the grilse were there in good numbers also during July. I think the autumn run is just coming later in the year due to the warmer water temperatures at this time of the year now.

Any beat on a river takes a while to understand, what piece works well at a certain height and what does not, structure of the river bed changes with every flood and it takes time to re-discover.

I would like to get a small work party together at some point in the early spring if anyone has the spare time, I would like to create some new access points here and there. Also if anyone has any suggestions of things that they would like to see done on the fishery, they will be most welcome.

I do hope that you all winter well and that you will all return again with us next season! Many thanks,


kind regards, Glyn.
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