R. Eden Grinsdale & Beaumont -April 2019 News Letter

River Eden report April 2019.

A dry and cool start to the month with snow, a persistent easterly wind is keeping both invertebrate and fish activity suppressed. There have been a few salmon caught of late as far up as the middle river with a couple in the high teens of pounds. Water levels are steadily dropping to around 6″ above summer height and very clear, water temperature 9oC.

10th, the grannom hatches are slow to get going as are the olives in this cool air, when the wind direction and air temperature change we will see a big difference.

15th, just about summer level and very clear water, strong bitter east winds still on the go with a high pressure system sat over the UK, not making for good fishing conditions at present. Trout fishers are starting to get a few on nymphs fished at depth, all trout seem to be plump and in good condition.

21st, a big rise in air temperature has got the invertebrate life going and trout now on the surface at last. Brian Warrington fishing upstream of the Quarry had a salmon of 14 pound to a small size 16 double and lost a bigger one. There are salmon being caught just upstream of us with sea lice, but so far none of us have been able to stop one going through the beats.

23rd, some very nice brown trout up to two and a half pounds having a go, good surface activity with large hatches of grannom with the warmer air.

25th, there seems to be a few sea trout coming in, one of two pounds caught and two lost today, brown trout not taking at all, water level at summer height, water temperature 13.5oC and air dropped back to 11oC with a falling barometer.

26th, Storm Hannah on the way.

27th, Brian Warrington had another at 15 pound just above us.

28th, a small lift of water at last from heavy showers the day before should bring fish in from the estuary.

29th, a great looking water at 6″ with a slight tint, just perfect.

This is the first year ever that a fish has not been landed before May, rather than hang around the lower beats at low water, they are belting through and stopping between Carlisle and Wetherall with hardly anything above that. A very strange year so far for salmon behaviour, we are not even seeing them show, if it is of any conciliation, Cargo on the opposite bank are experiencing the very same. Hopefully May, the most reliable month for runs and holding fish will see that all change with the new salmon that come in. No shortage of fish on the Eden, just that they are in the wrong place for us right now!

Please note: Will anglers please drive slowly through Grinsdale village as there are children.