R. Eden Grinsdale & Beaumont – July 2019 News Letter

River Eden report July 2019.

1st, stiff north-westerly wind on the go, river at summer low, water temperature 18oC. A fair number of sea trout in the lower river, the best of the fishing at night in the clear water. Brown trout fishing is sporadic in the daylight hours with the limited invertebrate activity but excellent the last hour or two of light.

2nd, the odd salmon seen moving through off the big tides.

5th, quite a few fish moving today, some large salmon among them, going through the beats with the big tide. Water level summer low and south-west breeze.

8th, tides dropping of and fish beginning to hang around the lower pools. Sea and brown trout fishing good.

10th, water level now below summer height and 17oC, the rainfall has missed the area once more. On the positive side the salmon are starting to hold up at last on the lower beat as they come in off the tide, Peter Robinson had a fish of around 15 pound follow his fly in twice and seeing other fish show. Good sea trout numbers in the pools and the brown trout fishing also good especially toward late evening time.

11th, Peter Robinson 15 pound fish from Carr Head.

12th, Peter Robinson 4 pound grilse from the Quarry pool, a few sea trout up to two pounds.

16th, Jack Golightly 12 pound salmon from the Quarry pool on a size 16 wet fly.

17th, a lot of sea trout on the beats, also good fishing for grayling and brown trout, James Thomlinson had a wonderful morning catching some decent fish on both dries and wet. Rain due, river below summer level. There are a lot of salmon above Carr Head in the wooded section right now.

21st, rain overnight has put a few inches in the river with some colour, this is lifting a lot of fish out of the lower beats.

22nd, more rain and strong winds have put a small rise on levels with colour, a few fish moving through. Water temperature at 18.5oC.

25th, a few small rises of water over the last few days with some colour but very fishable at one foot. There are fish showing in most pools with plenty of sea trout but with the very high temperatures and bright skies it is never going to be easy unless there is very late/early sessions.

27th, a 16 pound fish opposite the Willow Bed. Heavy rain all day, a few fish moving.

28th, water levels rise nearly five feet in the morning with much colour but well needed, no fishing now for a couple of days.