R. Eden Grinsdale & Beaumont – June 2019 News Letter

River Eden June 2019.


1st, a two foot and coloured lift of water from heavy rain.

3rd, levels dropping back to just above summer height, very strong south-west breeze.

5th, overnight rain raising levels with some colour.

6th, dropping slightly with a little colour, good numbers of trout rising today.

7th, heavy rain on the way in the pm.

8th, three foot rise of water, a wet and windy day.

9th, river dropping back slowly at two foot with colour.

There have been good numbers of sea trout showing 3-4 pound stamp during the daytime. The water height, air temperature and colour so far this month has not been ideal for night fishing, but there have been reports of trout fishers getting broke on fish which were probably sea trout.

12th, James Thomlinson had a good day in the Quarry with a few grayling over the two pound mark. Wind strong and from the north with rain on the way.

14th, rain raising river levels two foot with much colour overnight.

15th, river dropping and clearing, a few fish moving.

16th, Gary MacDonald lost a big salmon in the Quarry and caught a 2.5 pound sea trout around high tide time. Water height 6″ above summer height, showers.

17th, a rise of water level with some colour, strong south-westerly wind.

18th, river now at just under one foot with some colour, fish moving through the beats. All strimmed waiting for the right conditions for some night time fishing for sea trout.

20th, south-westerly wind with showers, fish moving through, Matt lost a good fish in the Quarry, quite a few sea trout showing at tide time, grayling of all size classes having a go to nymphs.

21st, river level eight inches and at 16oC, four very nice brown trout for David Richens in the morning on spiders. Fish coming in off the tide in the early afternoon and another good fish hooked and lost in the Quarry, the longest day!

22nd, a couple of sea trout from evening and night sessions in the Quarry/Carr Head pool.

23rd, river level dropping and clearing with the wind from the south-east today, good brown trout and grayling fishing during the day along with sea trout up to two pounds on nymphs. No salmon seen moving today off the tide, rain on the way this evening.

28th-30th, river is now at summer low, a few sea trout at night caught, good fishing in the daytime for brown trout and grayling on nymphs.