R. Eden Grinsdale & Beaumont – May 2019 News Letter

River Eden report May 2019.

1st, river running clear at just above summer level, good hatches of brook dun, iron blue, olive upright and caddis today, wind coming in from the west at last bringing overcast, damp conditions.

3rd, the trout fishing is very good at present with good hatches.

5th, a bitter north wind is suppressing activity, a bit of rain and warmer air temperatures now needed to get things moving.

6th, 7th and 8th, despite a cool south-easterly and showers, there has been some fantastic hatches. Surface activity is impressive with some very good trout coming to dries. Water temperature 13.5oC.

9th, river slowly on the rise with some loose weed floating down.

10th, water temperature now dropped to 9.5oC, 6″  above summer height, weed clearing. Activity on the slow side today with the trout but good hatches of fly life in the afternoon.

11th, warm weather, wind north-west, water clear.

12th, water temperature 11oC, good surface activity, the odd salmon showing, water level dropping to summer height.

14th, very bright and hot weather suppressing activity, fishing weighted nymphs is getting results with some good trout and sea trout up to two pounds.

15th, desperate for rain to get some fresh water going through to bring some salmon up from the estuary and get rid of the loose weed. Sea trout numbers improving all the time.

25th, the unsettled weather has not improved the low water levels, yet salmon still entering the river and running through with a couple contacted and lost.

29th, a few good sized sea trout showing.

30th, a good spell of well needed rain today.

31st, 1.5 metres overnight with colour and now dropping, more rain forecast the 1st and 2nd.