Redesmere – Capesthorne Estate – Important Info

Until further notice – THERE IS NO ACCESS – current rules/position are as below

Firstly will everyone please read this post to the very end as it contains some important information that must be strictly followed by everyone.

Just to let everyone know that we have secured the fishing on Redesmere, Park and Garden pools (the main lake) Fanshaw pool and the stock pond all from the Capesthorne Estate. To avoid any doubt we have not got the top lake on the estate.
There are some important restrictions/rules particularly on the main estate lake in respect of car parking and access etc and we will have to ballot this water in a similar way to the Isle but not on a peg by peg basis to be able to control the number of pegs and more importantly in which locations members park. There will be three car park locations on the main estate each with a strict limit on the number of cars hence the need to ballot the main lake. Please do not write in yet as no systems are in place to deal with requests and no tickets printed etc etc.
Until we get the rules sorted and printed, car park details mapped, ballot tickets designed and printed, maps printed and all agreed , as well as who is dealing with the ballot requests , and who is dealing with issue of temp maps, etc sorted NO-ONE (members committee bailiffs etc) is to visit any of the waters even for a look so that we can get organised before anyone sets foot on the estate. Again please do not write in for temporary maps until we are ready. The public car park area on Henshaw Lane at Redesmere is of course available to feed the ducks if you so wish.
Most of the restrictions apply only to the main estate lake (Garden and park pools) and not to Redesmere, Fanshaw or the stock pond but the NO ACCESS AT THE MOMENT does apply to all.
All the waters will be Working Party ticket holders only for first 12 months as usual.
If you are telling any other members about these waters please please stress no access at all (and that includes looking) until we get all our beans in a row and systems in place.
A Busy few weeks ahead
Andy Strickland
Secretary PAAS

further information will be posted as the situation changes, hopefully, in the not to distant future.

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