River Eden Report for October 2017 – Grinsdale & Beaumont Beats

River Eden, Grinsdale/Beaumont October 2017.

Dear All,

I hope this finds you all well and not too waterlogged! First of all, may we thank you all for being a part of the Grinsdale and Beaumont fishery this season and that you have enjoyed your time on the river.
There were far too many big rises of water throughout the summer and Autumn months this season to give any chance of decent fishing conditions on the lower beats. Even the middle beats of the river were struggling this year with the weather patterns providing very unsettled conditions. It would seem that the Autumn run has all but gone these last few years everywhere in the U.K with many fish caught late on being very coloured having arrived in the summer months. On the positive side, the spring and summer runs are on the increase and those out fishing when the water was “right” were duly rewarded! The general consensus now is that the best fishing times for fresh salmon entering our rivers are from early April to August, I would certainly agree with that.
For us on the lower beats of the river Eden close to the tide, we need low water conditions for holding fish up in the pools. Previous seasons to this one when the weather was drier, there were hundreds of fish in pools like Underwoods and the Willow Bed waiting for the next rise of water before moving upstream. When there is a good running water for the fish to move after a slight lift in levels, fishing two hours either side of the high tide time can be very effective, but this year there has just been too much water with colour to contend with and we did not realise the potential of the fishery.
In the Quarry and Carr Head pools the sea trout numbers build up tremendously throughout May to August given low water, this is something we did not see this year form mid-June onwards due to constant rainfall. Also in the July period it is not uncommon for anglers to get hold of a grilse or two at night while fishing for sea trout.
The brown trout and grayling fishing also suffered for the same reasons, all down to poor conditions and hatches out of sorts. There is some fantastic brown trout fishing to be had on the lower river with some very large specimens, fishing into the darkening can be very productive.
Who knows what next year will bring, it is all so unpredictable, but I think that is what makes fishing so interesting and compels us to go. I do hope that we will see you all again next season and the weather patterns stabilise!